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Hello world, it has been awhile since I last posted.

What has occurred with me since the last post?  Major holidays have come and gone.  The snow has come and gone and come back it again.  The kids are growing every day.  Barack Obama is President.  Really.  Yet no posts from yours truly.  No reason really.   I always say I am going to update the blog or post pictures or something, yet I never do.   Usually I read the Boston Globe or the Wall Street Journal (old fashion newsprint) after putting the kids to bed and getting ready for the next day.   An hour or two pass and I am tired.  And pretty much every day I remind myself, “time to update the ol’ blog”.

Why Blog?

I really enjoy and “get” social media.  I would love to have a job where I get to apply all that I learned thus far, where I could help people achieve their goals.   Being on Facebook or Twitter (me) is baseline.  Having a blog is baseline.  A few months ago I decided I needed a social media blog to demonstrate what I knew…”look at me, I am credible, I have a blog”.   My challenge was how to differentiate myself from all of the other people doing the same damn thing.   I wanted something different from the usual stuff, “10 things to know about blogs, facebook, twitter, blah, blah”.   Sad thing is that I could not come up with something that really jazzed me.  So I have kept reading, learning and procrastinating.

Why a new post?

A couple of things happened last Thursday.  I could not make the Social Media Breakfast in Boston so I was following the Twitter conversation.  One of the speakers was Justin Levy and he said,  “We need to STOP talking about Social Media in Social Media.”     Exactly!  So many social media blogs seem to be preaching to the choir, which is probably why I had trouble in starting my own social media blog.  I want to use these tools and help other embrace the possibilities.  (Quick aside – I have  tried to champion social media principles within my employer with no success and with others. Perhaps a topic for a future post.)

The other thing that I saw on Thursday was a video by Zack Arias.    I came across the same video from two sources, Greg Verdino and CC Chapman.   An amazing video.  Insightful and thought provoking.   Life is too short.  Too short to wait for the perfect idea to blog about or the perfect opportunity to say “thanks for being in my life” or “sorry I have not said hello in upteen years”.    Too short to spend waiting for the proverbial kick in the ass to get moving.

What is next?

Good question.   My goals is to post a couple times a week and see where the topics and conversations go.   The topics will be varied…family, friends, social media, food, the world around us.   For now, enjoy the Zack Arias video.   BTW, have you checked out Bloody Marvellous yet?

Say Hi to Chris

I have been reading blogs for a loooong time, well before my interest in social media began to intensify earlier this year.  One of the first blogs I followed was Neal of Arabia written by a colleague and friend, Chris Neal.  What made the blog so interesting is that it detailed Chris’ time living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with his family.  The reason they were there in the first place is that Chris’ wife works for the British Foreign Office.  So it was life as a diplomatic spouse and as far as I could tell that is the way to live as an expat.   Great insights into a fairly different culture.

The whole Neal clan is back in the U.K. since the posting in Riyadh was for only two years.  I now follow the less exciting stories of living in London (I bought a scooter, no, now I bought a motorcycle, look at my new gadget).  If you are so inclined, take a wander over to Bloody Marvellous and boost Chris’ rankings.

The next post will be on the kids and their Halloween adventures.  Until then, peace.

A chill in the air

Welcome everyone.  It is fall here in New England.  Spent the weekend picking up leaves and I have more to do.  I associate autumn with apple pies, warm drinks, a cozy fire and good friends and family.  One thing I have always wanted was a house with a big farmhouse type kitchen, a big space where I can cook and everyone else can hang out without getting in the way.  A major feature of this kitchen is a space with comfy chairs around a field stone fireplace.

Sadly, I do not yet have such a kitchen so this blog will be my virtual “gathering” spot.  I will be updating folks on what is going on with my family and friends, sharing recipes, new music I have discovered, interesting ideas and so on.  I hope to post once or twice a week.  As some of you know, I have plenty keeping me busy.

So pull up a chair and I hope you will stay awhile.